Garden Home Office


This bespoke garden home office build measures 3.6m x 4m. It’s a SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) build, meaning that the panels consist of an insulated foam core between structural facings. SIPs provide great thermal retention and are also cost-effective.

For the exterior, we used tanalised log lap cladding. This not only looks great, it is also resistant to rot, generic environmental damage and decay, meaning it lasts longer. We installed UPVC doors and windows which are durable, secure and finish the build with a look of class.

  • Garden Room Type: Home Office
  • Dimensions: 4m x 3.6m
  • Year Built: 2020
  • Location: Clitheroe

Garden Room Details

  • Materials Used: SIPS, EPDM, Tanalised Log Roll
  • Unique Features: Fit is tight to existing elevation to maximise space in the garden
  • Challenges: Balancing the client’s requirements with what was possible with the budget constraints. We also worked closely with the client’s own contractors on the plastering and electrical elements to ensure the perfect finished product.
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